Communicating without a calendar

Posted on Feb 10, 2014 in Communications, The Fix

I’m a big advocate of using editorial calendars—for blogs, for web sites, for email campaigns, and for social media. It keeps you on track, and a calendar makes you think, “What’s coming up (in the world / in my business) that I can talk about?

When it comes to public relations, a calendar is a must. It makes all the difference in whether you make (or miss) editorial and advertising deadlines.

The Fix

Start a calendar. Research the media outlets you hope to use (publications, radio, TV, other web sites). Find out their deadlines for submissions. (If you plan to advertise, find out advertising deadlines too.)

Many of the newspapers and magazines allow you to submit press releases and event information via their websites, so create a web bookmarks folder to quickly revisit those pages later.

Your editorial calendar can also inform your project management.

Usually, marketing and PR hinge on a lot of dependencies. In the case of an event, you would need committed sponsors (and their logos) before you can produce the event poster. Before you can secure sponsors, you need to determine what media exposure you’re promising them. Before you can promise media exposure, you need to identify an advertising budget.)

In short, get a calendar started, and you won’t miss a beat.