“Blogger’s Block”

Posted on Apr 9, 2014 in The Fix

There are so many reasons why we should be blogging on our websites:

  1. It helps you position yourself as an information resource.
  2. It helps you build a relationship with your “regulars.”
  3. And it is one of the most effective ways to boost your SEO (search engine optimization).

And yet, so many of us just don’t do it.

I have a few theories about why blogging is so hard for so many.

I know lots of people just don’t relish writing. But I think the real roadblock is “Blogger’s Block”—the burden of having to write something on the spot that’s exciting and interesting enough to please The Internet. So how do you get past the block and get writing?

The Fix

Here are my three tips of conquering “Blogger’s Block”:

1. Stop thinking of your blog as a blog.

Blogs have the unfortunate reputation as vehicles for oversharing. You’ll find plenty out there featuring  thoughts of the day, family vacations, and series of crazy cat photos. So when I tell clients, “You’ve got to start blogging,” I can see them cringe. So stop thinking of it as blogging. You’re keeping your site fresh, in the area of your site that’s best suited for featuring and indexing new content.  A blog can read like a news reel, or a series of advertisements. If you are an arts organization, your blog entries could simply be teasing upcoming classes. If you are a business, your blog could announce your newest products.

2. When an idea strikes, start a draft.

The great thing about blog posts is….you can save a draft.  So if you have a great idea for a blog post, pop into your site and just get the gist down. In WordPress, instead of hitting the “Publish” button, hit “Save Draft.” Then get back to it later, when you’re really ready to sit down and write.

3. Start an editorial calendar.

Blogging gets easier when you can take the long view. Look at your organization’s calendar…is there a big product launch next month? A professional conference? An event? Then start working up an editorial calendar so you can get your blog posts planned accordingly. If you want to be Super Organized, you can even get your posts done early and then schedule them to publish at a designated day and time.