Dawn Boone

A creative type…

I love to write. And while I began as a creative writer/poet, I relish all kinds of writing, from editing a grant proposal, to drafting a press release, to crafting a slogan or ad copy.

I also love art and design. I am a formally-trained printmaker, with an MFA from Bradley University, where I also held a year-long apprenticeship at Cradle Oak Press. Halfway through my graduate degree, a wonderful bit of synchronicity happened—I became the editor of the university’s monthly faculty newsletter on grant opportunities and teaching resources—and began learning graphic design.

20+ years later, I still relish graphic design as a creative mix of art and words.

with a logical bent.

While ideas, stories, and visuals excite me, when I’m working for a client, logic and strategy drive the process. Are we saying the right thing? In the right place? To the right people? Are we consistent in what we say? Are mixed messages (or multiple messages) clouding the Main Idea?

I also approach each client project with a healthy dose of practicality and a respect for the client’s budget.