I guided this rebrand of the up and coming Albertazzi Law Firm in 2006. Faced with increasing competition by Portland-based law firms, Albertazzi wanted to position itself as the better option for clients living east of the Cascades. I crafted the new slogan, “Central Oregon’s Law Firm,” while creating a look that felt every bit as metropolitan as its Portland counterparts. I created a custom watermark of the company’s logo for their stationery (a necessity to identify a original document). The logo itself was printed in an understated matte silver. The flap of the business envelopes was also flooded in matte silver.



Print Campaign & Billboards

Albertazzi’s marketing plan accounted for this simple fact: most people don’t need a lawyer until they suddenly need a lawyer. Consequently, I recommended a steady drip of advertising to keep Albertazzi top of mind for one-day clients. I kicked off their print campaign with black and white photography, using unexpectedly quirky images with generous white space to hold short, sweet copy.

Over time, I incorporated airy color images to bring added warmth to promotions highlighting the firm’s growing niche in family law. We adapted the print campaign to billboards—where our tight copy and generous white space really shined—and Albertazzi gained even more exposure.