Arts Central Web Redesign

A fresh, colorful update

In 2013-14, Arts Central engaged me to provide art direction on the update of its website. Of particular concern: creating a web design that clearly explained Arts Central’s role as an umbrella organization for a variety of programs, including Art Station, Artist in Schools, and VanGo. The website design had to also clearly define these separate programs in such a way as to maintain both the distinctive look and feel of each program while maintaining Arts Central’s brand.

Using distinct color schemes and prominent logos, I was able to present each of Arts Central’s programs as unique offerings, while maintaining a consistent aesthetic across the site and preserving Arts Central’s brand.

I also designed the pages to be more user friendly, by prominently highlighting oft-requested information such as class catalogs, registration forms, and hours of operation. ┬áBy anticipating web visitors’ needs, the site reduced the number of calls to Arts Central staff.

My designs also encouraged a greater social media presence by providing twitter feeds and share/favorite buttons next to class listings.