A promotional tool for galleries

Ingrid Lustig is an established painter and printmaker in Bend, Oregon. Her work is often on display in local and regional galleries.

Ingrid wanted a website that would reflect her professional status and meet the expectations of gallery owners. Many galleries review an artist’s work online as part of the vetting process. Galleries also rely on an artist’s site for quality images, a biography, artist statement, and other information needed for their own exhibit promotions.

Ingrid’s site is clean and mimics a crisp gallery presentation, with loads of photos. The home page features a splashy rotating slideshow of 20+ pieces of art.¬† A smaller image carousel directly underneath lets visitors quickly browse through thumbnails of Ingrid’s work. The front page also highlights exhibit information and awards.

Web sites have a much better chance of staying fresh if the owner / administrator has the ability to make changes. I trained Ingrid on¬†Wordpress and the specific requirements of her site’s theme. It only took a few hours for her to learn how to add images and update content. She’s done a great job of keeping her site current.

This site was created several years ago, before web browsing on tablets and smart phones became mainstream. Consequently, Ingrid’s site is due for a redesign so it can become responsive to mobile screens.