Letting the work speak.

Robert Seliger is a custom furniture maker in Tumalo. His pieces are like works of art, so I purposefully chose a look with lots of white space, similar to gallery walls. I decided early on that his work should speak for itself. That said, there is a certain amount of storytelling in Robert’s website. In 2018, I directed a photoshoot will Milly Dole in Robert’s studio to highlight his artist’s space and tell the story of his process and craftsmanship.

I redesign Robert’s web site every 3-5 years to keep current with design trends and freshen up his look. I also develop suites of marketing materials—from brochures and posters to direct mailers—for Robert to display at high-end trade shows. A series of posters also grace his office space, which he also uses to meet with clients.


Robert Seliger Custom Fine Furniture