A picture tells a thousand words

Sarah Phipps is an extremely talented interior designer. Sarah launched her interior design business in 2012. I helped her create a clean, scalable web site that can adapt as her portfolio, blog articles, and media exposure grows.

White space is essential in this design. Photos rule in her business, and are the prime mechanism for social sharing, so her site features lots of big, beautiful images.

Sarah writes for Houzz—a popular online home design forum—and she’s also heavily followed on Pinterest. Her site is closely integrated with both sites. Her Houzz articles are embedded in her site, for example.

This is a fairly intuitive WordPress site. I trained Sarah on uploading and updating content, although I still add many of her media features myself. I also create custom slides for her home page whenever there’s something notable to promote, like her recent feature in 1859 magazine.

Sarah Phipps Design