I helped Sonja Meixler, the force behind Z’Onion Creative Group, with her original logo and branding back in 2012. It was a treat to reconnect with her in 2017 and tackle another branding project.

In a heavily digital era, Z’Onion likes to buck the trend and send printed materials and personal notes to potential clients. The firm needed an information packet and a comprehensive portfolio—a catalog of sorts—to show off big projects and provide an overview of services.

This project had stalled in prior years and Sonja needed someone to drive it across the finish line. I was happy to make that happen.

After considering the goals of the information packet, I suggested a shift away from the original concept (Sonja had envisioned a presentation folder with staggered layers of text-heavy sheets). Instead, I suggested a group of photo-rich, large-format brochures. Bundled with the portfolio and a gift card in a stunning large envelope, it generates excitement as soon as it hits the recipient’s mailbox.  Unpacking it feels a bit like Christmas.

“Unpacking it feels a bit like Christmas.”

Z’Onion has an eclectic, global vibe and has a colorful website. Working within the company’s original branding and keying off the new website, I tackled the brochures first to establish a cohesive presentation, imagery, and language.

Turning to the portfolio project, my first step was determining which projects to share. We took a collaborative approach, each of us weighing in on which projects best showcased the depth and breadth of Z’Onion. I managed image acquisition, tasking Z’Onion staff with tracking down specific photos and press files from company archives and then guiding Z’Onion designers to create a consistent suite of images showing their projects “in situ.”

Z’Onion Catalog

Z’Onion’s copywriting has a delightful pop, and I matched their friendly, conversational tone for the portfolio. Many of the projects lacked documentation; the juicy details were living in Sonja’s head. To spare her putting pen to paper, I mined information in quick conversations and then crafted the copy.