Help for soon-to-be, slightly stale, and terribly old web sites.

Whether your web site is still in the conceptual stage or in need of an update, I can inject some visual and verbal excitement into your online presence. I can create custom slide show images, create or revamp your site design, and write or edit content.

I also address your site’s presentation and organization. Are you putting the right kinds of content on your home page? Is your site easy to navigate? Does your site satisfy both first-time and tenth-time visitors?

Web design: Two ways

For custom sites, I work in the capacity of Art Director with a web developer of your choice. I typically create a visual mock of your new site in Adobe Photoshop. Then the web developer builds it. As the project progresses, I help fine tune the site to keep it as true as possible to the design concept.

For small-budget sites, I can create your site using WordPress (an easy-to-use web platform) and a premium theme. There are some design limitations with this approach, but it’s a very economical way to produce a web site.


Do you have a web project?